There are crafting mechanics and play in Outer Ring, as in many MMORPGs. Players will be able to create equipment, vehicles, ships... from a series of essential elements such as iron, carbon, or helium...

Like all other underlying tokens in the game, they will be minted when taken out of the game into digital wallets and burnt when returned to the game.

We must distinguish two groups within the manufacturing materials, the raw material and the processed material(iron, nickel, xenon, etc.). According to their extraction/obtaining difficulty, both categories will be organized by tiers, according to their extraction/obtaining difficulty.

These categories serve to differentiate them when it comes to what interactions can or cannot be made with the market:

Raw materials can only be processed, stored, or destroyed. They cannot be traded.

Processed materials, on the other hand, can also be sold at the auction house, exchanged in a pool, or signed for use in clans or companies.

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