Stubborn, resilient, and greedy. These are the words that can perfectly summarize the Earthling temperament. Originating from Earth and with only a few decades of space travel under their belt, Earthlings are constantly improvising and adapting to survive.

Now, the Earthlings lead the Federation, an organization hoping to bring stability to the universe and acknowledge humans as the superior race.


Elegant, yet vicious, Va’ans are war-hungry beings, dedicating their entire lives to hunting, fighting, and killing. Va’ans have devoted their lives to Vassal, the Black Hole they perceive as the God of Death. Va’ans ended up in the Outer Ring after Vassal expanded and absorbed their solar system.


Being fragile mollusc-like creatures, the Oracles had to devise impenetrable exoskeletons to give them a fair chance at survival. But after the creation of the suits, they turned to be god-like creatures with the ability to connect to any device, to absorb and calculate information almost as fast as a computer. After their Empire got dismantled by their greed, the Oracles were forced to seek refuge in the Outer Ring where they hope to rebuild their empire anew


Organized in a complex system of almost fifty castes, the Scavengons are considered the least advanced creatures of the universe. As their bodies produce fluids that can turn into medicinal poultices, Scavengons were hunted down by Va’an fighters and they were forced out of their home planet. Now, most Scavengons still traverse space, leading a nomadic life, while those infected are a fearful military power living under the Parasite’s command, aiming to spread the virus and take control every living organism in the Outer Ring.


The Mechs are a complex structure, devised by the Oracles, and currently, they are the only fully-artificial beings in the universe. While they were originally designed for war, as the perfect weapon against the infected Scavengons and the war-hungry Va’ans, the Mechs achieved sentience and broke free from the tethers of their creators

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