๐Ÿ”„Galactic DEX

The Galactic DEX allows users to swap between in-game materials and gain farming rewards providing liquidity to the different pools.

It allows users to operate with their tokens directly from a wallet. After gaining materials such as CAR, VAN, or ACE by staking in the Galactic Pools, users are able to swap them.

Holders will decide on listing new materials using our governance system.

Participation in the DEX does not involve fees of any type nor demand locking periods.

The DEXยดs smart contract is based on Uniswap V2, with a pair creation limitation added.


Dex addresses

Factory: 0xF5fCd33CA8D0B493489A0975613a4E7060c24dBe

Router: 0xCA3F1E755BB2d36F8Eb3964562AB1Cf40A75920A

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