Galactic Quadrant (GQ)

Galactic Quadrant (GQ) is the governance token of Outer Ring MMO. This means that it allows holders to have direct influence over the game. It´s the main element of the Player Driven Economy, and it can be obtained by completing quests, competing, or trading in-game assets with other players.
Its uses inside the game are:
  • Accelerating processes.
  • To change the paradigm of player-controlled zones. Some planets and regions can be controlled by players, either in faction or solo, and players can change the combat paradigm of the zone, whether the zone is PvP (Player vs. Player), PvE (Player vs. Environment), zone protected from PKs (Player Killers), etc., for a cost in GQ.
  • To participate in the political game: To rule certain regions or planets, players must win a series of discussions with the NPC representatives of the people on those planets or regions. The political game is a card game, whose cards make up the arguments that are used. To purchase these cards, you need to buy them with GQ.
  • Betting currency: There are events in the game that pit players against each other, such as combat arenas. Players who do not participate in these can participate by placing bets on the match, which can only be placed in GQ.
  • Premium items from the in-house shop: There are cosmetic items available in the shop that can only be purchased through GQ.
  • Improve property levels: Players who have a business or a property will be able to upgrade it, to be able to have more NPCs, or to be able to do more jobs at the same time, etc... for a cost in resources and GQ.
  • Improve vehicle and ship levels: Normally, to have a vehicle or ship of a higher Tier, it would be necessary to acquire it in the normal way, but it is possible to upgrade the vehicle or ship you currently have, by paying a price in GQ and collecting several resources depending on the vehicle or ship in question.
  • To access new exclusive content sold in hairdressers, tattoo shops... Some exclusive content for these types of customer businesses can be acquired only with this currency, and could even have exclusivity, being the only business on X planet with access to this content (the content would be liberalized and would be lost by the person who bought it, when the shop closes because they stop paying rent, and the exclusivity could be acquired again by another player).
  • To pay for extra games in the arcade: The arcade machines have several free uses per day, but if a player wants to play more, in order to have more chances to reach the leader board for the seasonal prizes, he/she would have to pay for the games with GQ.