GQ Battlegrounds

Inside the game, GQ will be used, as it could not be otherwise in the Arena Battlegrounds. How to access these it is very simple. Just act as if you were to join a normal battleground and then just click on the new option that opens the door to a whole new experience in our universe!

Each player will contribute a certain amount of GQ to participate, only the top performers will earn a share of the prize. Show what you're made of!

How does GQ Battlegrounds work?

GQ Battlegrounds work by allowing participants to engage in player versus player (PvP) battles. To enter, each participant must deposit a predetermined amount of GQ tokens. The GQ pool is formed by the collective deposits. At the end of the battleground, the top three placed players will receive a portion of the GQ pool as their reward.

Entering the battle

  • To enter the user must pay $3 in GQ (Might change).

  • The tokens must be holded in the Blink Galaxy account, transferring them from the dApp or from Blink Galaxy. The registration costs cannot be deducted directly from your wallet.

  • Once a player joins the game, the reserved/blocked GQ is moved from the playerโ€™s account to a pool.

Rewards distribution

Once all players have joined and the tournament game started, the total GQ pool is split in the following way:

  • 4% comission and 2% equity: These GQs are sent to a corporative account.

  • 2% GQ burning. These GQs are deleted from the database.

  • 2% pull rewards. These GQs are stored in another Blink Galaxy account for special tournaments.

  • 90% prize distribution, the Prize Pool.

โ„น๏ธ In the event of a tie for any place, all players in that slot receive an equal share of that placeโ€™s prize money. If 2 or more people finish in 2nd place then no prize money is awarded to players in 3rd, and the 10% split is added to 2nd place, and split between all 2nd placed players.

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