The gameยดs economy is real. It has its own monetary system and laws that the players themselves influence. Players use Galactic Quadrants (GQ), the governance token, enabling them to interact with all major cryptocurrencies.

The way to acquire tokens is diverse, ranging from trading items, crafting (or creating) NFTs, selling them, or completing in-game objectives and quests.

Outer Ring has several methods of economic interaction:

  • The Marketplace, where you can directly acquire GQs, or NFTs from the game by purchasing them with other cryptocurrencies through a digital wallet.

  • In-game shops. Run by non-player characters who trade with players.

  • Direct in-game purchases.

  • Diverse in-game DEX in different zones or planets, with liquidity pools filled with in-game resources, with the possibility of purchase, provide liquidity and subsequent arbitrage by the players.

  • Player-created shops, where players can trade items they have created themselves, directly interacting with other players.

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