Maniac Panda Games

Maniac Panda Games is the brand created by Windex Technologies OÜ for its Gamification and Video Games division. Windex Technologies OÜ is a technology company made up of an interdisciplinary team dedicated to the development of applications and gamification.
The design, name and corporate image of Maniac Panda Games and Outer Ring have been registered at the OEPM.es with international protection. In addition, all narrative elements will be registered in the Intellectual Property Register.
With its own developments as well as for third-party companies, its components come from the video game company or from Blockchain development, Outer Ring being its bet to combine both sectors at a propitious moment in history for this.
Windex Technologies OÜ has invested €1.5 million in Outer Ring so far and is looking for equity partners to take on the entire project.